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The Finer Points Of Emetophobia (the Fear Of Becoming Ill)

If you were to ever look upon the rather extensive list of fears that we humans have, you are likely to come across emetophobia. This is better known and translated as a fear of becoming ill. Surely everyone has a little anxiety or worry about coming down with something, or becoming so sick that they would vomit. But for those with this phobia, it is difficult to normally function.

You see, having a fear of getting ill drudges up a good deal of anxiety. So this worry and fear can consequently make you feel ill, which only further ignites the issue. Really the fear goes much deeper than just the possibility of getting sick. It can affect the way that sufferers feels about being sick as well.

For instance, this phobias worst case scenario is to vomit. The idea of vomiting is what really fuels the anxiety. Should someone already be feeling ill, the idea of potentially vomiting will keep them from doing many things. In some cases this even means driving themselves or being driven somewhere on the premise that should they vomit it could distract who was driving so much that they would get into an accident.

This phobia is typically caused by a traumatic event as a child that happened as a result of being sick. It could even stem from a memorably terrifying event that occurred as a result of someone they knew or cared about being sick when they were growing up.

To seek out treatment for this condition is typically to see a psychiatrist. Most often, they will attempt to have the sufferer confront the fear head on and make peace with the event. This seems to work for many people that have suffered the phobia, although some fears run much more deeply than this.

But, there is a other treatament, apply by yourself, with more information of treatament of emetophobia here.

Emetophobia Information And Advice

This article intends to offer its readers a brief overview of Emetophobia. The articles discussions will include; what Emetophobia is, its symptoms, causality and consequences.

The word Emetophobia can be broken down into two components, firstly its route word 'emesis' which means an instance of vomiting, and phobia which can be defined as 'an exaggerated, usually inexplicable and illogical fear'. However Emetophobia is defined as 'an intense fear or anxiety of/or pertaining to vomiting (being sick)'. People who suffer from Emetophobia are known as being 'Emetophobic'. Emetophobia can also be more specific, and people who are Emetophobic can also be placed into sub categories, the recognised sub categories of Emetophobia include; people with a fear of vomiting as a whole, people who fear vomiting in public, people who fear seeing vomit or other people vomiting and people who fear the feeling of nausea (the feeling normally felt before being sick).

So what causes Emetophobia? Well as with most phobias there is a lack of physical evidence to truly define and detail the components of Emetophobia, however Emetophobia is widely considered one of the most common phobias in the world. It is believed that most phobias can stem from experiences individuals have faced in childhood, however sources also suggest that Emetophobia can develop at any point in an individual's life, and can seriously affect people's activities of daily living. Emetophobia may be bought on by a particularly distressing event that may concern vomiting or it may be bought on as a response to other events in a person's life.

Emetophobia can be an extremely debilitating phobia, and Emetopobics face problems in all areas of their life's. Often people who suffer from Emetophobia will actively try to avoid situations that could pertain to vomit or people vomiting, no matter how small the chances, for example Emetophobics may avoid social gatherings where alcohol may be present, they may avoid certain foods for fear of being sick because of them, it has even been noted that some 'Emetophobes' will even avoid going into hospital or taking medication because of the chances of encountering vomit. Obviously the severity of Emetophobia can fluctuate, for example people with mild Emetophobia may just not drink alcohol to avoid being sick themselves, however in more extreme cases some women have said they have either delayed or not wanted to get pregnant because of a fear or morning sickness.

As aforementioned there is a lack of physical evidence concerning Emetophobia and alot of people have expressed the view that they found it hard to receive a diagnosis of being Emetophobic because of a lack of widely available information, and as a result some people believe there are no cures or help available. There are however a variety of different sources of help available, including, hypnosis, herbal remedies, medications, exposure therapy, counselling etc.

Home Treatment for vomiting

If someone you know is vomiting after they have eaten, it is imperative that you take them to the doctor because there may be some underlying problem. If it should turn out that it is because of acid reflux, there are some interesting things that a person can do to keep them from experiencing this. There doctor may give the person medication that will stop the person from vomiting.

Like I said before, there are several different causes behind vomiting. There are medicines out there which cause vomiting as a side-effect. Particularly the medicines that are prescribed for cancer patients are notorious for causing vomiting and nausea. Alcohol can also cause vomiting. Note that when you drink alcohol, you may not vomit immediately. In fact, if you drink alcohol at night, the vomiting will start in the morning. This vomiting is known as 'hangover'. Similarly, vomiting can also occur during pregnancy. Vomiting usually occurs during the first few months of pregnancy but for some women vomiting may continue well for a longer time.

I wanted to talk to you about the emetophobia cure for a fear of vomiting. A lot of people have not heard of this type of fear, nor do they really see the problem with it. No one enjoys vomiting and if they could, they would rid it from their life. Granted, they don't have a fear of it, but they still don't enjoy it. The thing to really focus on here is that this fear is irrational. It invades all aspects of a person's life and takes over. Emetophobia is often misdiagnosed as agoraphobia, xenophobia or even anti-social. It's a very disabling problem to have, so this is why I want to talk to you about the emetophobia cure for a fear of vomiting.

Any healthy child, even a baby, can safely go for up to 12 hours or more without drinking much, as long as there are no fluids being lost by vomiting ,diarrhea or very heavy and continuous sweating.

Once the cause is discovered and the vomiting controlled, some foods can be reintroduced, starting with clear vegetables soups, followed by whole meal toast or boiled rice and vegetables, before gradually resuming a normal diet.

A possible type of treatment for this fear is regression hypnotherapy in which you return to that first incident and view it through your adult perspective. You can see the event for its true nature and correct any fear you had associated with vomiting. This type of treatment is effective with even the most severe cases of emetophobia.

The last thing you have to know to get morning sickness help is that if you know when you will get sick, then you can help to prevent or at least lessen the chance you get sick with your prenatal vitamin. Take it about 2 hours before you usually get sick to give your body something it needs because you will not vomit with all those nutrients in your body.

Cure the Fear of Emetophobia

I want to talk to you about how you can cure the fear of emetophobia. This isn't exactly a common problem, but it is an irrational fear of vomiting. That doesn't sound really like a bad condition to have because none of us actually like vomiting, but the key to understand is that this is irrational. This irrational thinking will end up taking over a persons life and controlling them. This is a problem that has the roots of anxiety and that is what makes it such a horrible problem. People get very worried about a lot of different things because they need to be able to control things. I'm here to talk to you about how you can cure the fear of emetophobia.

I want to get you into the head of this type of irrationality. I think this can be best illustrated by going to a restaurant. Being out in public scares this person because someone around them could have germs that could lead to vomiting. The food they order scares them because the kitchen could be dirty or the chef could sneeze on their food. This thinking drives people out of the public and into their home. There home is really the only place they have control and that's inevitably where they go.

To be able to cure the fear of emetophobia, you have to take a therapy approach that focuses on the same issues as anxiety. Since it is all about controlling all situations, they need to learn to let go. They can't control everything and that is okay. They need to learn that they can't close themselves off from the world just because they can't exert control over it. But, remember, there is a cure!

Solution For Emetophobia

I wanted to talk to you about the solution for emetophobia. This is really quite an interesting type of fear that people have. It is a fear of vomiting and that may not sound like that bad of a problem. Most of us don't enjoy vomiting and would rather avoid it completely. The key to understand about this is that this is really quite an irrational type of fear that leaves this person very trapped and pushed into a corner. People have difficulty leaving their home or being around of group of people. It doesn't seem like something that the phobia would effect, but it does. I'm going to share with you the solution to emetophobia.

If you step into the shoes of someone with this problem, you have to understand how big of a fear this is. The fear is vomiting, but what causes vomiting? This is where the problem starts because theoretically you can get germs anywhere. For example, going to a restaurant can be a very scary place. You don't know if the people preparing your food have washed their hands, cooked the food completely or even sneezed on it. The same thing about being in close proximity with people. Someone could be sick and they could pass it onto you, making you have to vomit.

If these people don't find the solution for emetophobia, they'll end up closing off from the world because in their own little living environment, they can control things. Surprisingly, this phobia embodies many of the characteristics of anxiety. The only known way of dealing with this is through psychological means. It isn't as simple as facing your fears, since this is an issue of anxiety. Sufferers need to be reprogrammed to know that they can't control everything and that is all right. Slowly, but surely they'll come out of their shell.

What is Emetophobia?

  I'm nowlleviate used forwer the question of what did you say? Is emetophobia. This is probably a new to the job craze used for you to hear re. Maybe a comrade or species portion has this and you're right inspection revealed how you can help. This is a be scared of of vomiting and it's a very irrational be scared of to facilitate really can consume a people life. That's why I think it's essential used for me to educate you and really bring you into the life of a sufferer, so you can better understand.

The be scared of is something to facilitate will take assemble of your mind and really bog you down in anxiety. The the pits place used for a person with emetophobia is the freely available. It's this setting they really can't control. There be scared of isn't nation, but the information to facilitate nation can partake of microbes or something besides to facilitate might cause them to vomit. That's the previous craze they be after. They can't even worry next to a restaurant since they don't know if the kitchen is hygienic or if the pastry-cook washed at hand hands. It's something to facilitate takes terminated people's lives. There are a lot of emetophobia symptoms.

The emetophobia sufferer will eventually tweak away from society since it's something they can't control. They don't be after to vomit, and they individual way used for them to sort out to facilitate is by calculating their setting. There inland is really the individual place. This isn't an enjoyable craze and I know for the most part nation don't be after to partake of this tricky, but at hand are action methods offered to facilitate sort out job wonders, to facilitate don't require pills or something like to facilitate.
And, don't lose your hope: There is a emetophobia treatament.

Emetophobia - The Hidden Fear

Emetophobia is, quite simply, the fear of vomiting. For most people, vomiting is a natural occurrence, but some regard it as something that invokes great fear and distress. It can lead to anti-social behavior, high stress and obsessive-compulsive habits.

For most people, vomiting causes discomfort, but for the Emetophobics (or Emets), it is beyond the point of discomfort; it is a source of great anxiety. Many Emets would rather lose a limb than be sick; some say they would even rather die. And, most important, have treatament for Emetophobics!

Many Emets know the cause of their fear. It is generally triggered by some event in the person's childhood. Some event happens that teaches the person to have fear or anxiety associated with vomiting. Many times it is a traumatic event, or even displeasure from a parent when the person vomits. (Parents with emetophobia often contribute to their children's fear)

There are a few behaviors that are common to nearly all Emets. They include limiting a diet (by processing foods as "safe" or "unsafe"), fear of travel, not drinking alcohol, fear of eating in public, fear of people who are ill. Some women Emets even avoid pregnancy, for fear of morning sickness.

Most Emets can count on one hand the number of times they've been sick in their entire lives. Talking about it, or even thinking about it, can cause great stress. Emetophobia can cause panic attacks, and can make someone crave social isolation as the fear takes over their daily lives. In an effort to deal with the phobia, the Emet seeks to control all aspects of their life by pushing out situations that they cannot control, like being in public.

Emetophobia is not well-known., and that is due in part to those who suffer from it. Emets usually keep it secret, mostly in fear of public disapproval. Remember, for Emets it is a sense of extreme anxiety, and often embarrassment. They become skilled in coming up with excuses to avoid situations which may present their fear.

Many who have this fear don't know that there is a name for it, and they often don't realize that others suffer from the same anxiety. With the great secrecy involved in the disorder, it is not easy to determine the amount of sufferers, though one website dedicated to support for sufferers claims it is the UK's 5th biggest phobia.

There are many websites devoted to sufferers of emetophobia. To find them, all you need to do is plug the word into a search engine, but are those websites really helpful? In one sense, they give hope to sufferers by showing them that they are not alone. It also gives a great deal of information that is not commonly known, as well as resources for treatment and cures.

Yet, when a phobia becomes worse with obsession, these "support groups" may only lead to more damaging behavior. By focusing more on the fear itself (there are claims by some to have gone decades without vomiting), the phobic can often become worse, their anti-social and obsessive behavior increasing. The phobic becomes more obsessed with the fear instead of seeking to overcome it.

There are many treatments to this phobia, as there are with others. Therapy can work for some, alternative treatments for others. Either way, Emets need to learn to control their fear, or at least find a healthy way to live with it.

If you suffer from emetophobia, don't let it control your life. Life is too short to let fear take over. Remember: You are in control.
And you can